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Rescheduling/ Cancellations

Most programs allow you to reschedule your interviews. They also understand that you need to make travel plans convenient. And they are usually more than happy to comply. However, know that it does make things inconvenient for them. So, try not to wobble too much. In case you do, be apologetic and appreciate their patience.

Due to whatever reason, you may eventually feel that you do not want to interview at a certain program. If this situation confronts you, then, do make sure that you cancel the interview as early as possible – at least a few days in advance (preferably much earlier), so that the program can invite somebody else in your place. The place which you do not want to go to may be the best option for another candidate. Of course, you have the option of just not showing up. However, despite the fact that it may not affect you, it reflects very badly on your medical school. Your actions will determine the future of your juniors. Don’t jeopardize their chances. 

Note: This article has been derived from "Roadmap to Residency" authored by AKU graduates, with permission from few of the authors. Name of the original author, has purposely not been mentioned on request of one of the authors, for privacy reasons. If you are the original author of this article and want your name to be mentioned or wish this article to be modified/ removed from this website, please contact us and we would be more than happy to entertain your request. We fully respect your privacy, acknowledge your efforts put in authoring this article and appreciate your hard work involved in it.

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