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Transport during Electives

Well If you live nearby travelling can be really easy. You can also use a bike but if you live a bit far away you can rent a car if you can afford one otherwise most of the big cities in US have their monthly bus passes for around 40-100 $, depending upon the city as compared to 1-6 $ per travel depending upon the route.

A bus pass is something that allows you to travel for free throughout the month as much as you like to, as far as you like to but within the city. I would update more on this with pass time.

Note: This article has been derived from "Roadmap to Residency" authored by AKU graduates, with permission from few of the authors. Name of the original author, has purposely not been mentioned on request of one of the authors, for privacy reasons. If you are the original author of this article and want your name to be mentioned or wish this article to be modified/ removed from this website, please contact us and we would be more than happy to entertain your request. We fully respect your privacy, acknowledge your efforts put in authoring this article and appreciate your hard work involved in it.

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