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If you did not match

Remember that if you did not match for residency (a possibility only), you “waste” one year”. But you can not only save your one yeary but also easily justify it by applying for RESEARCH VOLUNTEER WORK or EMPLOYMENT as research employee. This easily adds up to your CV and experience. Remember that certain programmes of residencies REQUIRE one year research experience. If you do one year research, you may now be eligible for some of the tough specialties' residency spots e.g general surgery, radiology etc.

hello sir

 I recently graduated from a medical college in India n plannin for research/ externship as a part of USCE . I don hav a clear idea regardin the universities offerin the research programs

I even logged on to but i cudnt find any information regardin research.

so i kindly request u to share the website/link showin the various universities offerin the research/externships.

plz help me out...


to get in general surgery in usa for img

hi ,,,, i want to get general surgery in usa . so plz give some information. now i am intern doctor in india.

Good scores in USMLE and then

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Good scores in USMLE and then couple of years in research with publications can help you get into surgery.

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.



I am yet to apply for my electives. The dilemma being that, if i apply for a psychiatry elective, will it affect me if in fufutre i don't plan to do a residency in in if i change my mind?

Actually i find psychiatry interesting as a subject, and it is my apperent perception that i might make a good psychiatrist...but the thing is that i haven't had much exposure of a psychiatry clinic and how the field is as a clinician.

Also, another un-related doubt is that, is it ok if my titres for the health statement are negative and i support it with proof of subsequent immunisation...because, to admit, I have been really late in deciding for MLE and thus, applying for electives. But if i wait for another 3-4 weeks for my titres to become positive, i will not be late on the deadline, however but it will not be a good scenario either to have my application to reach just in time..i mean it wouldn't be selected in any case if all the seats are taken by the early birds, isn't it?


Tejash Modi

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