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@ vaibhav

hey dude, dats gr8 news if d bill's passd!

btw, did u get any positive response from the universities that u applied to?? wats d status???

@ Andy

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Bro i hope the bill is passed soon... if Obama has said it it will surely b passed. n no response from any university still bro :( they have holidays from 25th to 4th.. So work is on hold. My fingers are crossed. Whts ur status? 


dats gr8 news for us!

btw, my status as follows - Battling thru my final pracs xam - dam tired at present, n frustrated too!! wil take a week's brk or so n den strt gatherin d documents...

Hi vaibhav, thanks for

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Hi vaibhav, thanks for sharing the good news! I hope it is true, couldn't find this news in any US newspaper though several Indian newspapers... let's hope for the best!

And ya... All izz welll!!!... lol.... watched "3 idiots" last week... nice one.... All izz well!!!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

@ Umar bhai

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 Bhai i dont know why its not mentioned in any American paper... but Times of India is a very reliable newspaper here in India.. HOpe the bill is passed soon for us to get the opportunity. N ya All izz well.. awesome movie... its nice to know Indian movies r released in Pakistan too.. :) 

ya... I also sincerely hope

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ya... I also sincerely hope the bill is passed... yar Indian movies are not only released here... but all the Indian channels including sony, star plus n all others are available full time on tv... yar Bollywood movies have been running here, even before my birth... hey what's the status of Pakistani channels/ films in India?

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

@ Umar bhai

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 Bhai Pakistani movies r not much released in my part of the country.. i dnt know about other parts.. but Pakistani channels are there. Not many though. I know Indian moies were released there.. But in between tere was some hussle n screening was stopped so i asked.. anyway i just want that both the countries live in Peace.. n i am sure education is te key to it.. 


awesome post vaibhav... !!

@ Purav

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Thank u dude 


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 I just found an interesting article which i hope is helpful to all. Its a bit old article but i guess the basic requirements stay the same.. All the best to all and God bless .... A post by Dr.Mizani


'I was the Chief Resident of Morehouse School of Family Medicine in Atlanta, and 60% of our residents were IMGs. In our admission committees, we looked at the following (in order of importance):

1. USMLE SCORES and attempts

2. U.S. “Hands-on” clinical experience & acculturation – Up to one academic year (36 weeks); Observerships, externships or research didn’t count as it wasn’t clinical.

3. Research activities... In U.S a publication or a research activity is given a lot of value.

4. 3 to 5 recent letters of recommendation from licensed US physicians (< 12 months old), documenting your clinical experience in the US. The more LORs, the better, since not all LORs positively recommend an IMG, or carry a weight necessary to compete with American Graduate competition.

5. U.S. immigration status – if we liked an interviewee, we sponsored them… no problem.

6. ECFMG Certification

7. Passing score on USMLE Step 3, if taken – not a huge factor, but a good one. Definitely not as important as the top 6.

8. Interview skills and English COMPETENCY – of course, you have to get an interview first.

According to the NRMP, the following are positive Match predictors:
1. For all – #contiguous ranks
2. 2nd for all 4 groups – USMLE Step 2
3. Step 1 for less competitive specialties only
4. Research nor # of publications was not a significant predictor of Match
5. For U.S. graduates – Being a graduate of top 40 NIH research medical schools, PHD and AOA member

A Comparison of Residency Selection Criteria for 1996 to 2006 (AAMC Central Group on Education Meeting 2007) identified Most important residency secelction criteria to be:
1. Disciplinary actino in med school
2. Received a failure in a required clerkships
3. Failed USMLE Step 2 CK prior to passing
4. Failed USMLE Step 2 CS prior to passing
5. Failed USMLE Step 1 prior to passing
6. Taken extended time to graduate for academic reasons
7. Applied to more than one specialty
8. Graduates in lower 25% of class
9. Grades in required clerkships
10. Received a failure in a pre-clinical course

Although the above 10 are primarily for U.S. graduates, the fundamentals are the same for IMGs; therefore and IMG who has an application that looks very similar to a U.S. graduate, he/she will be assessed based on the above criteria.

Hope this helps during the regular Match, and especially during the annual Scramble.

All the best – Dr. Mizani'



@ All .... Good News !!!! :)

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Hello friends... New year n President Obama has just given a good news to us... 

Date: Jan 3rd .. Page 11 'The Times of India' newspaper - ' US may remove cap on intake of medical students.. US will introduce a bill which if passed will add an additional 15000 residency slots for international students'. [:)] ... Alll izz welll !!!!!
God bless ...

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