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İ think a site which made

İ think a site which made with drupal, that site is perfect every time.


Hello umar ,this is the best website I ever found for the electives program. Great work dude,keep it up. Inshallah you will recieve the reward for this.:-)

Thanks a lot for your kind

umar's picture

Thanks a lot for your kind words... God bless you!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.


 simply amazing...

dr umar and the entire team

ppl like u make the world a better place..

no wonder dunia aaj bhi khoobsoorat hai

keep it up guys... 

may god bless u in all ur endeavours...

The "New" website

Dear Dr. Umar Tariq,
Thanks for a lot of hard work and time invested to improve on an already great website. A lot more resources, user friendliness, functionality in a visually pleasing format.
You are an example for others to follow.
Thanks again,
Nasir Siddiqi

New Site

I have looked through your website and I think it is better than any site I have seen for IMGs.
best of luck and God Bless You

New Site

I visited your site and explored it, read the testimonials.
Great piece of work. Excellent introductory page. Good links.
Extremely useful.
Thank you Dr. Tariq Umar for all the hard work. The site looks really very professional and user friendly. You deserve a huge thank you. I like the features at your website.
Dr. Nasir

New Site

This is marvelous. This is as easy as it can be for guiding the students to understand the process of applying and successfully getting their goals of doing electives.
Wonderful job indeed.
Thanks for all the hard work.When will it become functional?
M. Haseeb, MD
President KEMCAANA


Congratulation umar bhai!
                    That is greata nd teh most important thing is that every thing is very accesible and in front of you, as compared to your old site. i hope this will help students in much better way.
Syed furqan Sherazi

great work umar

great work umar

Awesome! Looking better than ever! Congrats!

Looking better than ever!

Salam Umar, Good work. Do you

Salam Umar,
Good work. Do you want to update your domain name on our discussion forum ??
Shahid from

Wow brilliant!

Dude let me tell you that you just reached the next level in web designing! Rock on buddy!
- Ayaz Panda


I agree! Good job!


Well Done Umar


Thank youuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for all your help!
Noman Shehzad, Final Year King Edward Medical University


Hello umar, u ve been doin a great job. u ve been very informative. continue ur gud work. u ve a great future ahead. thank u very much.
regards, kishore

Ali Jon

Ali Jon, Final Year King Edward Medical University


I appreciate your dedication regarding US info that you are constantly pouring at….
Dr. Janjua, Islamabad Research Centre, Pakistan


Thanks a lot Umar for all the information and guidance! All this has been really helpful!
Mohsin Zia(Final Year MBBS, Allam Iqbal Medical College, Pakistan)


thanks a lot for the social services u render :)
Aisha Saqib(Final Year, King Edward Medical University, Pakistan)

Dr. Arthi

Hi Umar,congrats for the good work....

Dr.Priyank Patel

Hey !Thanks for the wonderful information....


Awesome piece of work! Will be really appreciated by all.. Rock on :)


wow! thats malprac insurance exposed and analysed...thanks for the helpful information!


umar, U r simply great man..simply great..the work u have done is indeed commendable!!!I am also applyying for electives for july august slot…glad to c ppl like u…


great work umar sir it will really be of great help to all the juniors


umar......ur really great !! man.....great navigation from u........information u had given really helps many yaar.....!!!!!keep it up........

Dr. Romana

umar. u ppl rock yaar. 

Chintan Shah

Good have done very hard and good work that will help many other students... god bless you..

A testimonial

Umar, We appreciate you! I woud like to let you know that you are doing a great job and we all appreciate you!


Wow !! Ur an unending box-of-information/inspiration...u hav an answer to almost every query....but more importantly its d ray of hope U provide 2 many of us dat matters d most....Kudos dude...Best of Luck wid life(n residency!)...


thanx a lot umar...u're a gift 2 this community...


@Umar = u have made the expectations really High.....All u need is not to loose hope...


wow man your words are like the sunlight shining during the night...real inspiring words that are sure to rise the hopes of all the low scorers.keep up the good work.


hey thanks for this site ..thanks a lot...keep it up!

Dr. Rohit

hello umar....jus dropped by to say thanks!..ur words r soo encouraging..kudos to u dude..n god blesss!

You ought to be

Nice website Umar! I wish you would include some info on observerships and externships for graduates..You've helped me out earlier on the forum, and as payback.. I clicked on a couple of ads on your website! 


hey umar.. i was going through ur website.. its really great.. i am trying to apply for observerships/externships as i m already done with my internship.. so u have ny guidance for that too?


gr8 work buddy, i wish there were a section where visitors cud add their comments , share their views and experiences!


great job...highly appreciable & too heplful...thank u… I ll remember these precious words as true guidance ...after visiting your website,caught the real picture & conception....u r doin an immense job..highly applaudable...wish u success & luck for forthcoming challenges...bye

Lokesh life is a..

thank you very much for providing the information about the website...,well it is very helpfull in each and every step of mine.......,the home page of the website is having an excellent message to everyone...,i hope it changes the life of so many members!!! thank you bhai once again for your great information......, really it satisfied me!


awesome collection of information i must say

Yasir Salim

great work dude...


Nice website Umar!!Fantabulous collection..Keep rocking!!


hey umar, i just wanted to thank you for a great work on your site!really appreciate it!


congraats ,great job umar.i went through it ,it contains a heel lot of information. Was reading ELECTIVES V/S OBSERVERSHIP!


hey ,i liked ur site really vry mch........i had applied fr electives ,bt cudnt get 1,as thre was nobdy 2 guide,i wish u had created this site earlier.....Umar plz do inform me if u update this site regardin Research/observership/externship.(i am a graduate nw)


Excellent website Umar ...I must say...Hats off!>.....Never must anyone have seen any info so detailed about electives... Amazing piece of work yaar…..I will try to contribute as much as I can too.... I must say you have always been the source of inspiration to help others!!....God Bless !!!


hi umar bhai this s rahul frm chennai presently in my last month of internship i jus now saw ur website for elective a comprehensive list s that great keep doing the service

dr. namrata

Hey,ur information on the website is really nice and helpful.Why dont you put some info on observerships and externships also.

Dr. Rizwan

assalamulaikum......Umar.........this is Rizwan Ahmed from hyderabad, India........I am very much impressed with your website.... i appreciate your work in your website!!!


Asakm bro...awesome site...wish it was around when i applied....would save me a lot of hair plucking..again,an amazing job..

farooq haider

the website is really helpful! thanx


hi umar, just went thru your websit must say it helped really really a lotttt
m in finl year of internship,n thought it would be very late to apply now!!!
thanx to u ,i still hav sum hopes…

very busy

congratulations on ur website. It is very useful . It is really going to help a lot of people


salamalaikum,good website...........thanx for sharing........


u have any helping site for u have made for electives...
if u can help out getting it....will be thankful :)

Dr. Lalika

nicE websiTe:) its reallY hElpFuL

Dr. Nilesh

thanx bro, ur wbsite is very helpful..

Ali Usman

great website :-)


hi i went through ur is really gud and researched really well….


i saw your website about elective and it was awesome....esp the links to the direct elective page to the directed medical school.........i appreciate your helped a lot..........keep doing goood thinks and thank you...

Hamza Hashmi

thnx a lot umar bhy..u have always bin so of luck for ur future plans:)

Adnan Imdad Khan

u r doing a wonderful job with the launch of ur new website ! many congrats ! B-)


hello umar, i visited ur website and must appreciate you for the wonderful work that you have done, it is indeed of great help.

Yeah Right!

hi umar, found your link from an mle comm in orkut.... was going thru ur website...its VERY informative. thanks a tonne.. i think ur advice and posts are great...your site answers most questions! your site RAWKSSSSSSSSS

Dr. Tariq Rehman

Umar, reading all your information makes me feel proud of you…good job!

Mustafa Hasan

its good:) a great guide for the medical students who are planning for electives :)


hey Umar - congrats for the launch of your website ! It is agr8 job that you are doing by helping ppl get electives


gr8 site sir.......congrats and thank u very much 4 helping us........i passed this site to many of my friends nd they all got proper guidance through ur site,,,...gr8 work sir.....


hey saw ur site just now , it ws amazin.


very good website


i thankfully have mangd2 get an elective at the northshore....thnx buddy.


thnks man....ur news comes as a breather. i would also like to congratulate u on d website. its really nice to see u putting in so much effort helping others. wish u d best in ur exams....

Dr. Nadeem Butt

Dear Umar! Assalam o Alaikum! Visited your website regarding guidance on USMLE...I really liked it. Great effort with lots of handy tips... BRILLIANT!!! Time well spent! BRAVO! Umar you are constant inspiration for me!!!!
Dr. Nadeem Akram Butt(KEMCA UK)

Dr, Mubasher

Great work Umar! Thanks on behalf of KEMCAANA. we certainly appreciate all you efforts and unwavering commitment to help others.
Dr. Mubasher.(President KEMCAANA 2008 & Medical Director, Walnut Creek Dialysis Center)


Umar..u have posted excellent info.. it is a gr8 help..thanks a lot...

Arnav Rules

hanx a lot fr all the info.. & these links are a real help........ got most of the things .. dude... you have been our greatest help... god bless you...

busy's d bee

ur contribution has been exceptionally helpful to many of us.. thanks a lot..

attitude helps!

hello i need to congratulate you on the efforts that you have taken to compile information on your site regarding the electives, in fact it is one of the best that i have come across.

Dr. Tom Nolan

I really like your website - it's very clean and well designed and looks to have some useful information in it.
Dr.Tom Nolan
Community Manager at doc2doc BMJ- British Medical Journal


Umar…Well explained ….Nice guidelines for those interested in electives & relevant stuff...


Excellent work Umar ! Keep it up! God Bless you


i found your very website informative


I checked ur website and now understood things :)). Thanks a ton for the information..How do u manage to maintain a website, help so many ppl….Its like commendable!!!! 

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