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List of Universities for International Medical Students(Pak/Ind in particular)

by Usman Sattar

 1-University of rochecter.(good toefl scores-24 min. on speaking mandatory,max.of 3 rotations,F-1 required but expensive 375$/week and competitive plus NYSED requirements but of the few univeristy programmes that don't require step1 as yet. )

2-NIH (needs to get exceptional scores on TOEFL even 26-speaking would not
guarantee any spot+apply very early and have brilliant academic
career-said by Vicki Malick in 2010 P.S=if your scores are in %,write it as it is in gpa/pass & write in grading system pass/fail, This institute have become one of the most toughest to get into purely due to number of good applicants it attracts, but you never know. )

3-Yale (Very good coordinators to say the least but requires lots of
money+ IMG friendly offer H1-B as well , overall really expensive 2500$ tuition fee per month+1000$-for furnished accomodations per month in campus, step1 & toefl still not mandatory if you are competent enough in "american language".....kidding...."English"  )

4-Harvard (needs to be lucky,brainy and rich to go there,100$/elective processing fees & 3700$ fees per elective effective from sept. 2011 as fees increase every sept. so be quick lest they should hit 4000 bucks next year but provides its own malpractice ins. and doesn't always except but as you know,top institution,Toefl is not as such mandatory but is plus if you provide but still would have to undergo telephonic interview like weill cornell irrespective. They have some additional docs like letter from dean/registrar stating that you have completed all requisites reaching that particular elective and criminal record form which u will have fun filling !!!!   )

5-Emory (step1 become mandatory as of 2010,requirements for each elective rotation is different so check out their catalog before applying and they have mostly 1 spot for each month,so hurry up and good luck.also offers H1-B for match   )

6-University of Wisconsin ("cheese state"-have very wierd requirements
like "u must have 1 month of prior US experience+evaluation before
applying & faculty sponsor from ur own home school& from uni of
wisc-for surgery only, also every dept has different its been long time since i ve heard that they take intl med students,probably not taking
good luck if u find them  )

7-Weill Cornell (need to apply atleast 10 months ago bcz spots are 1
or 2 every month and competition is extremely fierce thesedays,I know
bcz i lost my 100$ once for applying 7 months before plus they alot
electives as applications roll in but thesedays processing fees have gone upto 200$ & 2000$ tuition fees and same NYSED requirements for state of NY + good letter of intent and academic
record is vital  )

8-Northwestern ( brilliant personal statement, LOR from faculty and
Toefl scores of 84 with 24 on speaking & max of 8 weeks are offered,processing fees of 125$ for one application and 225$ for two applications i.e;two electives -see all requirements from site,its pretty staight
farward  )

9-NYU (key is your application should reach on very first day of application reception,i did the same & my  courier reached at 9am on 12th april 2010 but they replied via letter that they are unable to accommodate in my choices i;e cardio,gastro and onco......probably they were very competitive and already filled by american students who were scheduled first. From 2011 onwards,they will offer only one elective spot for IMG's ....good luck  )

10-Uni of Massacheusttes (first find out if your school has affiliation
with them or not bcz they offer rotations to affiliated schools,KEMU has affiliation for sure,rest of you should find out  )

11-Uni of Cincinnati ( requires departmental approval before you apply
and dept will forward application to registrar,reasonable fees of 250 bucks and step1 is waived for german,jordan and singapore students  )

12-Brown Alpert,Rhode Island (as already said offers only to few med schools from
india and pakistan and dean needs to contact their dean for electives !! plus super expensive like Harvard  )

13-Uni of Louisville,Kentucky (only to Agha khan and Dow in pak and various
other colleges from india,egypt etc see their site but requires j-1
which is very tricky...  )

14-Sunny Downstate (used to be my first preference as some of seniors
did electives in gastro,endo&hemo there in early 2009 without toefl and
step1 and when i saw it in 2009 fall,it said no IM rotations are
offered there, but still u can get EM,Pediatrics,Derma,OB/GYN and
Ortho rotations there plus "they require step1 & toefl as of 2010"-no exceptions  )

15-Mount Sinai (processing fees has shot upto 1000 bucks(300$ previously) effective Jan1 2012 and fees per month
is 2000$(500$ previously),separate dean's letter for step1 exemption
plus require 22-30 on each toefl category ...+ Ms.Persaud is extremely busy often
replies late,so be patient.I ve heard that some students from pak got there on b1/b2 but you need to have I-20 and all F-1 docs plus discuss with kyoko tirado but i think now there are no exceptions to F-1 visa  )

16-Baylor college of medicine (key is e-mail/fax them with your
particulars(listed on website) very early to get your registration
no. as there is specific quota to every country,their fee was
500$/month in 2009 but has doubled it effective 2010 but advantage is
that it gives its own malpractice ins. 25$,i think & disadvantage is
hafty health ins 228$/month and F-1 just for one month  )

17-Duke, North Carolina ( great place but expensive,step1 mandatory  )

18-Case western resrve Uni (step1 mandatory, great place and not very
expensive as well plus offers H1-B to IMG's esp st.vincent charity and
metrohealth programs  )

19-Cleveland clinic Foundation (step1 mandatory- all branches are good places,florida branch has
tough requirement that your Dean should contact directly medical board
of florida prior to applying . Offers both electives and observerships to med students so be sure what are you applying for.  )

20-Mayo (step1 mandatory with good marks ,another great place + all 3
place are great but florida branch has same requisite as mentioned for
clevelend,  )

21-Uni of Alabama (its website can distract you(look like some cheerleaders' training camp..kidding) but you should contact
program coordinator of school of medicine,when i contacted her in 2010,she
said that u need to have a strong faculty sponsor for that specific
elective,need step1 plus "tricky J-1 Visa  )

22-Albert Einstein college of medicine (step1 mandatory,100 bucks per elective-max. of 3 rotations, F-1 visa is mandatory and offers only to 5 affiliate institutions, no Pak or Ind school is eligible  )

23-Wayne state uni (step1 mandatory,max of 3 electives  )

24-Albany (good for some affiliated schools in India but no Pakistani
school is affiliated and i think currenty they are taking no visiting med students  )

25-Tufts (expensive,tough but great offers H1-B for the residency  )

26-Thomas Jefferson University (application material and requirements
are not given on site, u should request them from student
coordiantor/registrar,i got the application but i didn't apply there....great
place with managable expenses i.e;75$ processing 750$/month  )

27-Memorial sloan ketring cancer center (step1 mandatory as of exception as i talked to the coordinator plus apply very
early bcz of online application process,american students can occupy all spots.Its good for surgical specialities mostly.  )

28-Uni of pennsylvania (as stated in old list,accepts students from selected med schools  )

29-Southwestern medical center (its requirements are tough & step1 mandatory plus "just look at depts that
don't take international students"good if you can find dept other than them) P.S=uni of texas Dallas and southwestern med center is same thing  .

30-East Carolina Uni (i m not sure but carolinas haven't been friendly
for offering rotations to IMS so this one also requires step1 and
various other super-requirements that i don't personally like for IMG
friendly institutions but good luck if u meet them plus they aren't taking IMG's for 2011-12 electives,better luck in 2012-13  )

31-Uni of Texas Medical Branch-UTMB (requires F-1 visa and 100$ per elective is required, you have to ask about your eligilbilty from the coordinator.....i and my friend in QAMC asked in 2009 and we were turned down but i think some egyptian students got in......   )

32-Uni of Missouri-kansas city SOM  (only some rotations are offered to international med students, check out their site and send application with immunization form to see if you qualify  ) 

33-Uni of Kansas SOM,Wichita  (max.of 8 weeks electives are offered there,F-1 visa will be sponsored,,Step 1 is required but can be exempted and only 40$ per rotation is charged  )

34-Uni of washington,Seattle (max.of 12 weeks rotations are offered only to affiliated international med school students-see their website,F-1 Visa is required,Toefl,malpractice and health insurance are required, Electives are given only on spaces availability basis  )

35- Uni of New Mexico SOM (needs a faculty sponsor and send acceptance letter from sponsor in application package,Toefl,First 4 weeks are not charged any tuition fee but for next week or so charged 1749.50$/4 weeks payable 60 days prior to start date,some depts require step1 as mandatory and other specific requirements but the most funniest requisite is that you must be a resident of state of new mexico in order to be,good luck  )

NOTE= Information about above mentioned institutes is again updated on 2nd July,2011 and their accurate links are also attached ,any suggestion or mistake correction would always be welcome by me , research and canadian institutions are not included here.

 Personal comments/experiences about the hosp/unis that i excluded

1-Maimonodes Medical college (i applied through online application in fall of 2009 there,my first-ever elective application,in cardio,gastro and radio but Ms.Marshall replied after a month that they don't take international med students anymore plus its explicitly states on their website that they take LCME,AOA and NYSED affiliated schools (handful of foriegn and carribean schools) But "Umar Bhai told me that they do take foriegn students if spot is available but they don't actually claim,choice and luck is entirely yours!  )

2-Henry Ford ( I called student coodinator jan 2010 and she told that they are not taking international students anymore .But still to satisfy my curiosity, i contacted each member of various depts and only few of the replied they too said that they can't sponsor you without Head of Dept.& registrar approval ",anyway,you may try your luck if you want  )

3-North Shore/LIJ ( I contacted and sent applications all dept coordinators last year and they were themselves not sure about the policy regarding foriegn students but in 2010 they finally released clerkship list with dept policy yes/No to foriegn students and they only allow you to take electives in Peds,OB/GYN, Ophthamology and PM&R-(my first acceptance came from there but i denied it) and this year Ms.Glenda Cohen,peds coordinator told me that even though they accept intl students now they can't guarentee anything and if accepted an intl student would only be scheduled for one month elective In peds specialities ".New peds coordinator Ms.Camellieri also told me that they now require step1 scores too from July 2011.Moreover, all the applications are processed 5 months before,so, you are actually competing with american students for same spot  )

4-UCSF-radio (Umar bhai said that they take students with greencards only in 2010...which was by far the most difficult requirement for an IMG,anyways, they no longer international med students regardless of their nationalities  )

5-UCSD,Davis AND UC Irvine ( few students from germany are reported to go there P.S= california and carolinas have become THE most toughest places for IMG to get electives esp poeple from subcontinent but impossible is nothing ! Plus they have some specific requirements related to depts or institutes,so see for yourself , &  respectively)

6-Uni of Chicago Pritzker School of medicine & Rosalind Franklin Uni( told me explicitly in 2009 fall that they would not be able to extend the oppurtunity to foriegn med students to meet the needs of their own med students, so, i guess no more electives in chicago as well &  respectively )

7-Georgetown Uni (" I have seen poeple talking about Georgetown uni but my
junior's elder brother is there in Radiology and he is sponsoring him bcz
he has blood relation,if u have that kind of sponsor then fine plus u
can only work in sponsors dept with sponsor not with any other person plus sponsor would be responsible for any adversity that sponsored person might create and had to get dept approval as well.Recently,i ve seen they aren't taking International students at all  )

8-Louisiana state uni and Tulane (no longer takes international med students so i guess no more electives in New Orleans , &  respectively)

9- Vermont ( doesn't take international,carribbean or even osteopathic med students regardless of their affiliation  )

10-Uni of Virginia (Doesn't take any international med student but if someone wants to sponsor a student then he/she has to ask the student affairs him/herself and only then your case would be considered.......but chances are very limited but good luck if someone can do it for you .100$ per elective   )

11-Ochsner Clinic Foundation (for the past year or so many of med students have asked about that,let me tell you explicitly that they are no longer taking any international medical students including canadian/carribbean/peurto rican due to their affiliation to both Tulane university & LSU plus University of Queensland,Australia students ,also they have only one spot for each rotation and you would have complete responsibilty of your patient like interns unlike other institutes where they alow even 4-5 students in one rotation  )

12-Univeristy of Pittsburgh,PA (accepts students from certain England,German and some east asian countries, check out if you are from those places plus very expensive  )

    Hope this updated list would help you further.

  Best Of Luck to all aspirants............Usman Sattar.

electives at weill cornell

hi sir , i am looking forward for applying at weill cornell , NY for clinical electives in july /aug 2014
i have three doubts :
1) i didnt find any dates for electives in the period of aug/july 2014 for any electives i did mail the uni but havent got a reply , so i am confused as am i applying earlier ( 11 months still left ) or electives are not available in this time for visiting international students
2) i found electives available for all the subjects and surfed the net and got list of img frindly residency programs , is it true tht other programs imgs cannot get into ? like dermat / obs/gyn
thank you for your time
3) also with applying at weill cornell can i apply at other universities as there are limited posts for electives


I am an Indian medical student in my last year of Mbbs i.e. internship, i want to get a clerkship done..
i have not given any of the usmle steps or toefl..
please let me know some universities where i can apply

Hello, I am planning to do


I am planning to do clerkship in US to widen my experience next year. No TOEFL, No Step 1. Currently studying in Volgograd State Medical University, 2nd year. Prefer in Annapolis, Washington, NY or LA. Kinda like a budget trip. Anyone can enlighten me?

externship and onservership

hello brother..
i am done with step 1 and CS .. and now preparing for CK...
I want to do externship or observership in early 2014 for 3 or 4 months.. after my Ck exam..
is there any list like above for externship and observership?
that list is for electives only i guess..
please help...

need guidance!

 hey salam Sir!

i am currently in 4th year mbbs, and planning to do my electives soon, just need to know that if i am planning to have a carrer in medicine in USA is it necessary that i do my electives in USA, because i may do it in UK, does it make any diffference?

hello sir,                   

hello sir,

                   i will start my 4th year of medicine in india this march...i am interested to get an elective in anaesthesiology in mount sinai....when can i start the application? many lor's do i need to get? is one from my dean compulsory?...........i have nt yet taken my toefl or usmle step 1

done my mbbs.. now tense wot to do!! hav no guidance:( pls help

 sallamz, usman bhai.. can u pls help me out from this tension??

i have given my final year mbbs exam just in dec 2012..

now tense that wot should i do?

there is no doctor in my family.. im first so no guidance ..

pls help me..

result is not yet announced..

n i havnt done a single internship:(

tell me wot to do now???

pls pls help me...

i want to do an elective n then step 1 usmle.. 

guide me..............

waiting for ur reply


 hello usman bhai,  i needed

 hello usman bhai, 

i needed a lil help. I have already got into yale for one month, but i also wanted one or two more electives. I have just given my step 1 and intend to apply now with my step 1 scores along with my application. Please guide me as to which university has the best chances.

thank u in advance

concerning clerkship

hello sir,

i am a medical student from punjab,presently in  seventh month of my internship at a private medical college. i want to apply for clerkship in united states,i have passed toefl with a score of 88.and i have not given any step of please guide me,i am confused searching different universeties.thanking you sir.

elective and NOC from parent school


i am in my 4th year , and have a vacations for the full month of december 2012,...for which i wanted to go for an elective , but my dean just wont sign  the NOC . so is there any way around it or are their some universities which accept students without clearance from their parent school ?


Hello,  I'm a a fourth year


I'm a a fourth year medical student at Ziauddin medical university in Karachi Pakistan.i want to do clinical electives rite after clearing my fourth year, because I'll get 2 months vacation after that . However I must start applying now, so as to be considered for the electives.the application form of almost every university says that the student is currently in final year, therefore I'm unable to apply and my dean is never gonna sign that form, because I'm  not a final year student yet. Plzz help me on this n kindly tell me would this be counted as a

When to Apply

Hi everyone.  First I want to say thanks for all the information on this website, really a life-saver for so many people!! Thanks for all the hard work :)

Second, I am planning to apply for electives from the months of February to June 2012.  My question is, how early should I apply?  I've been hearing that if you apply too early like (8-10 months), you'll get rejected, so I was thinking applying 5-6 months ahead.  I know some schools have deadlines, but quite a few of them don't so there is no guideline about timing of application.

Those of you that have successfully obtained an elective, how far ahead of time did you guys apply??

Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)

hellloo sir, ive done my mbbs

hellloo sir,

ive done my mbbs n juss strted my internship 1 month back. im planning to go for clerkship durng aug to sep..ive seen ur info regardng d universities dats really very helpful but most of dem r askng 4 steps n toefl can u pls precise d universities without step 1....


Thank you for all the help. I want to know if applying to Brown is a good option? they have mentioned on their most recent application that students will not ask for letters of recommendation from the faculty. It is very expensive and they need the entire tuition with the application itself which of course they will refund if you are not accepted. I am also applying to northwestern and yale so I do not know if I should risk brown

thanks a lot

hi, just wanted to know in

hi, just wanted to know in the section of application for new york university of medicine there is a section for referred by. in that section do we have to write the name of their own faculty or any professor of our own college. plz let me know as they arenot replying to my querry

it means if you know someone

usman1's picture

it means if you know someone at NYU preferably of same department then write his/her name there,if you don't,you can leave it blank........


hello sir , thanks so much

hello sir ,

thanks so much for all the help. I just finished my final year in india and would like to ask you a quick question.

My cousin's wife is a 2nd year resident in north shore lij ( emergency medicine). I would like to apply for clerkship for this winter (Peadiatrics / internal medicine ) , which are my fields of interest. I would like to know if she can be of any help in me getting a clerkship in her university in peads/ im. 

and also i have a ten year multiple entry visitors visa , so will that be enough or do we have to have a students visa of any sort Thanks.

yes,she can be helpful if she

usman1's picture

yes,she can be helpful if she can sponsor you or help you in getting elective in,chances are there,Better ask her and then proceed to apply .... GL.


Just called University of

Just called University of Connecticut Health Centre regarding clinical electives. They are no longer accepting foreign medical students or IMG's whatsoever.

Assalamualaikum Usman

Assalamualaikum Usman bhai,

 Thank you for ur reply. I have a few more questions regarding the electives:

1. is there any hospital which is Int Med Student friendly? I am applying without my step 1, so Is there any uni's which is easier to get in?

2. regarding toefl, it is better to sit for it eventho the uni's does not require toefl right? does it increase my chances of getting into my choice of department for elective?

3. I'm planning to take my step 1 maybe around september to december this year as currently my schedule for postings kinda hectic - so i dont really have any time to properly prepare for it. Is it possible for me to apply for my elective - which might be on march to april 2013 - then? I heard there is some cut-off points for step 1 usmle for residency later, is it true?? I plan to specialize in cardiothoracic or neurosurgery, what is the cut-off points for those fields?

Thank you so much Usman bhai, may Allah bless you. 


sorry brother,couldn't write

usman1's picture

sorry brother,couldn't write you reply coz of some problem with site.Ok,so,let me answer one by one.

1- Usually big places(mentioned here) are IMG friendly if you have great scores and done electives in them/some good publications.So,there is no strict criterion. Choices without step1 are very small thesedays,you can try Yale,weill cornell or mount sinai but their policies change dramatically as well so,check them out as well.

2-if uni doesn't require toefl then don't take doesn't make much difference at places that don't require it.

3-you can ask the coordinator of place where you are applying about later submission of step1 score but usually they don't make an exception. For neurosurgery and cardiothoracic,you need great scores more than 250+ and sometimes some good publications to get into good program.

   Hope it will help and sorry again for delayed response......... Best of luck !


Assalamualaikum Usman

Assalamualaikum Usman bhai,

 Thank you for ur reply. I have a few more questions regarding the electives:

1. is there any hospital which is Int Med Student friendly? I am applying without my step 1, so Is there any uni's which is easier to get in?

2. regarding toefl, it is better to sit for it eventho the uni's does not require toefl right? does it increase my chances of getting into my choice of department for elective?

3. I'm planning to take my step 1 maybe around september to december this year as currently my schedule for postings kinda hectic - so i dont really have any time to properly prepare for it. Is it possible for me to apply for my elective - which might be on march to april 2013 - then? I heard there is some cut-off points for step 1 usmle for residency later, is it true?? I plan to specialize in cardiothoracic or neurosurgery, what is the cut-off points for those fields?

Thank you so much Usman bhai, may Allah bless you. 


getting b1/b2 after f1 and no cs letter

Salams usman! i passed my cs on an f1 visa during now i  dun hv a cs letter to get a b1/b2 multiple entry visa if I wna go fr unpaid research after steps...wht to do in tht case? im really bothered abt ths ...coz now i recetly graduated and going fr a b1/b2 without cs letter after grad even if i hav a volantry research accep...wil i get a visa? ur advice and do u know any one whus dun the same and then gotten a b1/b2????

you will get your visa again

usman1's picture

you will get your visa again provided you came back within the limits of previously issued F1- visa,Just print out all the relevant material about CS scheduling when going for visa interview......voluntary research is a gamble,you never know when its gona pay off,may be earlier may be ll get b1/b2 even if you are going for shopping spree,all you need is solid reason to go and solid reason to come back !!!! Sorry for the delayed response ,i ve been incredibly busy.......GL.


Hi, It will b really

It will b really appreciated if you could take some time out and share your electives experience and tell us what to expect in a clinical elective.
Thanks :)

Hi, I wanted to ask what in

I wanted to ask what in ur opinion is the best time for pak med students to go for n elective? Nd secondly how much weightage does n observership gets when v apply for residency specially if v r applying at the same hospital where v had done the observership? Thanks :)

i think,best time for pak med

usman1's picture

i think,best time for pak med student is after the end of 3rd year and in the mid of 4th year after taking step1 . Observership in that situation would certainly be helpful so,that would be good option than nothing at all......GL .


hi usman bhai thanks for


usman bhai thanks for helping thousands of aspirants with such patience and zeal,

I am currently doing my internship in india, and applying for clerkship,

I have color blindness,is this going to be a hurdle while getting residency?

pls help me. I am really stressed about this thing, I want to get residency in IM later on, not in surgical branches.

well,i don't think its gona

usman1's picture

well,i don't think its gona be a big issuw for you esp. when you are applying for non-surgical fields like IM.....So,i would say don't stress you out about that and concentrate on real matters.


Yale Elective


I just wanted to useful would a one-month clerkship in "clinical neurology" from Yale University would be in getting a IM/Pediatrics residency?

Its better than absolutely

usman1's picture

Its better than absolutely nothing so,i would say go for it even for IM/Peds residency but ideally you should grab elective of specialty in which you wana do your residency in.


Need Advice..


First of all thank you for running a wonderful site.. I am done with 6 months of internship in India and now in UNC, Chapel hill for electives. I will be going back in March to India and continue my internship. If I had not done this 4 months electives in USA, I would have graduated in March 2012. But, now I will be done with Internship in August and want to apply this year itself for residency. I am not sure if I can get degree certificate ( i believe i required for ECFMG cerfication ) and be ready to apply by September 1st, 2012. 

Also I have given my step 1 in 3rd year (2009) and got a low score (226/94). I will be finishing my CS before going back and plan to give CK in India before I apply. 

Now since I have explained my situation, let me ask few questions that are bothering me a lot

- How important is it that I should apply next year itself ? I considered to apply because I was told by many that it is better if I apply soon after i graduate.

- My electives are going great and i am able to manage to get decent LORs. Should i ask for a waived or un waived letters at this point? does it make a huge difference?

- With my present scores and say 250-260 in step 2, will I be able to get a university program in Internal Medicine or atleast a decent community affiliated?

Ok, I hope I have not burdened you too much with my questions. I would be really great if you can reply despite your busy schedule.

Thank you. 

you questions are kind of

usman1's picture

you questions are kind of tricky but its better to apply as early as possible but that can't be possible all the times.For the graduation degree/certificate you can ask your school about the process and how soon can they issue it. For LOR's ,its better to get them waived but if its not possible then either one is fine. And match process in good program is has lot more to do with luck and other things besides good or average scores and your step1 scores are that bad at,keep it up and GL !


University which does not require USMLE for elective

Salam Usman Bhai,

  I want to know which hospital currently does not require USMLE step 1. Thank you for your help

Radzi,you can get that info

usman1's picture

Radzi,you can get that info in my list....uni's like weill cornell,yale,mount sinai etc. don't require it. But there are lot of others.......GL.


Thank you for your help


    Thank you so much for your help. 

1. However, is there any uni's that is int student friendly for student esp when they dont have step 1 results like me??

2. My elective dates most probably will be on March to April next year.. When is the best time for me to apply for my elective??and it is better for me to take my toefl now rite?

3. How will it effect my results on getting a place if I only take my step 1 after I apply for the elective?Can i still apply to a new unis then?? 

4. Im worried to take the risk now since my college do not have any long holidays currently. So I plan to either take it during a -little-hectic- postings or during my internship. When is the best time for me to take my step 1 since I heard that there is cut off points for step 1 for each specialty? 

Thank you so much for your help!!

Uni of Connecticut

Hi all

 please do you have any information about Uni of Connecticut? it has been written in their website that they won't accept international students anymore, but I heard that I still could send the application.

I would apply for August 2012


John,i m bit skeptical about

usman1's picture

John,i m bit skeptical about uni of CT coz i think they are no longer taking any international med student but you can get info from their coordinator about their current policy but they seldome reply which is another downside of them,so for august 2012,i would say ,also apply at another university/Hosp as an alternative.....GL



hey usman bhai ,

i am a 4th year student in india..will give my step 1 in april..want to apply for mayo clinic..they are asking for 48 hours of clincal clerkship..i wish to pursue clerkship before my internship.are there any chance,i maen what shall i write in 48 hours core clerkship??the time i spent in wards in 2nd and 3rd year??

yes,clerkships done in any

usman1's picture

yes,clerkships done in any year of your academic career would do.....i assume you would have done more than 48 hrs of clerkship so,you are good to go. Just ask them which core clerkship they are asking for specifically .GL


Thanx a lot usman vai.ur

Thanx a lot usman vai.ur advise is worth in gold

MSKCC and Cleveland Clinic

plz help me two matters

1. I applied to Sloan Kettering (MSKCC). i recieved an email from them that my applicaion is in 2nd  stage of review and they will conduct a telephone interview where an attending will talk to me about elective interests. Has anyone had a similar interview? what should i expect to be asked?

2. my full application with all the relevant documents reached Cleveland clinic on nov 22. I applied for a march-april elective. I have since emailed Pat Gasser twice and asked bout my application but recieved no reply. How long does it usually take for her reply? nd if accepted when will they notify?

Thank you, plz do help

hi,Usman bhai.Thanks for the

hi,Usman bhai.Thanks for the info you keep providing.I wanna apply for the month of feb and march2012.Is that too late for me now to apply?.I gave my toefl 3rd of december 2011 which means i l get the result on 18/12/11.what universities you would suggest me to apply for? 

I m afraid its gone be

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I m afraid its gone be late now for feb-march '12. If you apply now ,you will have better shot for June-july-aug period,moreover,it depends on place where you wana apply and toefl scores if it requires toefl.....GL.


Usman bhai... i wanted to ask

Usman bhai... i wanted to ask one more question.... what do u think about the university of nevada school of medicine as an option for clerkship.. is it IMG friendly?? and what are the requirements??

Nevada is not quite an img

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Nevada is not quite an img friendly place but if you are mexican and have connections there then it is possible bit like California & New Mexico. I m not aware of its clerkship program for IMG's if there is one.You can contact them directly about that situation.


Hello friends... i m aspiring

Hello friends... i m aspiring for usmle... i m from india.... i haven't given anysteps yet... i m in 4th year right now... if i follow my plan, most probably i will apply for my reisdency in 2014 or 2015... long way to go.... but recent reports r scaring me to death... decrease in number of residency spots n they r saying that it will be nearly impossible for imgs to get residency 2013 onwards... is this true?? if it is, what options do we have? should we drop the idea of usmle or do we need to put some extra efforts like research n USCE to ensure that we get a residency spot... u all are experienced here.. please advise me.. i will be really thankful

I m not aware of the things

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I m not aware of the things you mentioned here,may be someone else can comment here.



Hello everyone,

I have a doubt, does any anyone have got Neurology electives in SUNY Downstate? have any1 applied for neurology their?

Plz reply, I want to apply for it, & the university site has not clearly mentioned whether they allow international students for Neuro...

The best way to save time and

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The best way to save time and energy in those situations is to call them directly and ask about their policy and requisites.....GL.


Electives at IMG friendly places

Can anyone please get a new list of of universities that accept IMG's for their residency programs...That would help in applying to specific places that are IMG friendly..

elective at uni of alabama

Usman bhai I ve been a follower of ur posts from so long….first of all thanks for answering all of our queries with such patience….
Regarding my query
A radiology fellowship professor from university of Alabama came to our college recently…….
I ve impressed him to some extent by giving an introductory speech about him…..
After the lecture I met him and asked if he could provide me an elective at UAB…..
he told that it is difficult for him to provide an elective there….then I said to him that it is mentioned in the UAB website that if you could get a letter of support from the faculty member of UAB u can do an elective here….he said that it might have mentioned like that in the website but it may not be true, if it is true then I will definitely help u….he gave his visiting card and said I can mail him at any time if I need help…….
1) So would u tell me if university of Alabama is accepting imgs?
2) In the website it is also mentioned that they want the students to come on a j1 visa to do the elective? Is the 2 year home country rule also applicable to this too?
3) How can the prof be of help to me in other ways?

when i contacted the UAB

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when i contacted the UAB coordinator,she told me to get the dept sponsor first in which i want to do elective. This J-1 is short time scholar so i don't think it would have 2 yrs home country restriction thing attached with it but it can be little tricky to convince the visa officer for J-1 category for electives but that still a long shot at this time.Anyway ,the best way to use sponsor is to have him contact the coordinator about you and get info on process of sponsoring and go from there.......GL


thank u usman..... i have

thank u usman.....

i have been waiting for ur reply....

i ve contacted the coordinator she told the same....but the professor i know he is not in the course catalog....i mean there in the website they ve given the list of electives and from whom we should get the letter of support to do that elective....In that list his name is not there....

well,in that case,i m not

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well,in that case,i m not sure what the next best thing to do,may be you should take this issue up with your sponsor directly or someone else on this forum can suggest anything for you But usually speaking they are very strict regarding their elective policy thesedays..... I ve very busy schedule thesedays so that causing delays sometimes,i m sorry for that ........ GL.


No problem

No problem  usman
bhai....Replying  to all our messages
with such patience itself is a great thing to do....

i ve asked the elective coordinator at uab about this 2 year home country
rule.... She told that they cannot do anything about this and Its the visa
counselor at the consulate is who decides about this during the visa

I dont know what to do this rule is killing me....
maybe i should drop the elective.....

On the other side the professor is asking me  to tell the months in which
i m interested in doing the elective.....

If it’s an internal medicine elective I ld not ve thought
this much...But it’s a radiology elective….

It’s a 4 week radiology elective at uni of Alabama,j1
visa,2 year home country rule…..considering all this u suggest me what to do……

So happy

No problem brother....replying us to each and every question we pose with a detailed explanation itself is a great thing to do..

bhai i m so happy he finally said he can provide me an elective in radiology dept......would this elective be helpful for me in future to do a residency in internal medicine..? And regarding the j1 visa i ve visited so many sites and failed to get adequate information.....nobody said there is an exception of the 2 yr home country rule for the electives....what ld u suggest me to do? this j1 visa thing is killing me...i should probably ask the elective coordinator directly......

sure man, go for it,

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sure man, go for it, radiology is intermediary field that covers both surgery and medicine in some ways.......after all,its better than nothing.......congrats !!!!


thank you usman

thank you usman

hi.. is it too ate to apply


is it too ate to apply for feb elect now?i am still getting my documents together...anyone got in yet anywhre???elect aj kal milna itna difficult ho gaya how about jus odin externship later on??

its never too late to apply

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its never too late to apply so,keep looking for electives,i would say . Yes,electives have become very difficult thesedays but they are authentic hands on clinical experience. Externships are very expensive and even more scare than electives and how hands on clinical they provide can be questionable but also they are better than good luck !


lsu application query


In the applcation for LSU, what are we supposed to write against " Mail evaluation to: "

Kindly help

anyone got in this year??

has anyone had any luck this year for getting accepted for electives for the year ending june 2012???

bad luck for me as well... as

bad luck for me as well...

as you said in your other post.. I also applied those universities n got rejection though sending application 9-10 months in advance n with TOEFL score of 115..   :( waiting for reply from jefferson

donno whats the matter... n I have not heard anyone getting accepted.. I think it has become extremely difficult to get electives...

no electives at jefferson for visiting students

Hey all..

I had sent two applications (75$ each)  to jefferson and called up the registrar office to enquire about my status..

 they said they no longer accept visiting students! what  do you suggest .. should I ask for a refund?

If the application fee was

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If the application fee was non-refundable then you cannot ask for a refund...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

research electives

hello usman

I want to know if there's much difference between research and clinical electives?and what should we opt for if given the choice?

Is LOR's manageable in research elective as well?

And also wanted to know if u have any idea as how soon should we send application for cleveland clinica I want to apply for february 1st week next year will it give them enough time to process if i send my application now?

hands on clinical electives

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hands on clinical electives are always better than research electives and u can LOR's with both of them. For application,the earlier the better !!! there is no hard and fast rule,it depends on your luck and no of vacancies available for that period of time !!!!!!


where to apply now

hello usman bhai,

First thank you for the updated info regarding electives.

Iam an intern in India, have given toefl: R-28,L-27,S-23, W-25

and in the process of preparing required documents.

But bhai as i have inquired through mails and calls, right now i am having only 2 places where i can send my application (weill cornell and tufts) others are either filled or they are not accepting applications from indian students. 

 I have not given step 1 . will you please tell me any more colleges where i can apply .

My internship will be completed in march 2012 , i am worried that i am very late this year for applying as most of the medical colleges are filled by now.

you have good toefl scores.As

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you have good toefl scores.As for colleges,all the known institutions are listed can try both cornell and tufts......good luck.


hi.. hmmm.. i would say it is

hi.. hmmm.. i would say it is indeed too late to apply fr this year.. i applied to several univs this year..
my toefl score was abt 114 with 28 in speaking. applied nih , cornell, jefferson , tulane, lsuhsc, NYU , lijmc, kumc  ----- applied all 8-9 months earlier.. all rejected !

dunno, whats wrong this year.. i hardly knpow anyone who got electives this year.. did anyone get in???
guess most colleges are full for this year till march atleast... apply for dates later than march or apply in expensive colleges like harvard, tufts, brown univ.

electives requirement

hi, this was my first visit and i found this a great place for new one. please kindly if you can list the name of universities allow for electives without Step1 ?

Thank You.

please read the list

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please read the list carefully.....all the specifics are in there and decide which suits u the best !!!!!!


Dear Usman!, Brother, You

Dear Usman!, Brother, You have given the SAME link for Yale and NIH by mistake,, Please Rectify!!! And one more thing!,, your information and its format is awesome, quite informative and very very useful,, thanks a lot!! :)

Thanx Rohit for pointing out

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Thanx Rohit for pointing out the error and for your appreciation, there was some technical error on the editing of my list so, i couldn't post the link earlier......thanx again.


Hello Umar, Ayaz, Usman,

Hello Umar, Ayaz, Usman, Viraat and others who have contributed on! Thank you so much for your help. I have been accepted for electives at Cleveland Clinic and I owe a big thanks to all of you!

Thanks a lot for your kind

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Thanks a lot for your kind words; we are really happy to be of so much help to so many students... thanks once again!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

thanx man....we are helping

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thanx man....we are helping each other in this of luck with your elective.


JHU research electives and NIH clinical electives ....


Really helpful forum. I read through the posts but I wasn't still sure about this thing..

1) about Johns Hopkins research you really need to find a sponsor from faculty and then apply for the research elective? ( because the website does not encourage students contacting the faculty)..So i m still confused on that.

2) About NIH...I read you did you electives from there..I would like to know in a nutshell how you got in what scores you had for Toefl and anything else that you think it crucial for getting a place there..


1. yes otherwise you wont be

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1. yes otherwise you wont be accepted... most of the times!

2. scores higher than 26 in all 4 sections are helpful... if they have an opening they would accommodate you!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

1- Website might not be

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1- Website might not be saying that but thats how it works......few people that i know got there by contacting the faculty member.....that way,you are almost sure about your rotation.....but it can be done either way as well but then it depends on discretion of the researcher and,take your pick .

2- well,i think your second question is directed towards Umar bhai coz i didn't do anything at,wait for thier response.


Mt. Sinai..


I was interested in applying at Mt. Sinai for April 2012, but when i called Ms. Persaud she said they are not accepting applications for next year till Dec 2011, & if we send it before dec. they will not accept it & return it back, though its written on website that application should be sent 8-9 months earlier.

Also the application fees has shoot up to 1000$ from 500$ (effective from Jan 1, 2012) !!!! thats insane.... :(

If anyone can confirm that or can provide more details... I would be really thankful.

also, does UTSW needs step 1 for electives as they have not mentioned it anywhere..!!

Thanks in advance..  

yup Mount Sinai has gone

yup Mount Sinai has gone crazy :/ 1000$ + 2000$ is just too expensive! Add the Sevis fee and NY letter and Medical fee and other miscellaneuos fees and this goes up to3400 $ :/ and that's without the housing :P Better to apply to other places like Cornell and NWU.

hey ved,i called up

hey ved,i called up Ms.Persaud today and she said that they will start accepting applications from december and its no where mentioned on the site.This means no electives for till may 2012 for FMGs at mount sinai.


Hey Ved. Yes it indeed is

Hey Ved. Yes it indeed is true that the application fee has been raised to 1000 $ and to my surprise they even have raised their tuition fee to 2000 $. Checked it from their website.

Hi Ved05, I am not aware of

Hi Ved05,

I am not aware of the situation at Mt Sinai.

But here is the link for UT SW

They do require Step 1.

Thanks for the reply.. But

Thanks for the reply..

But about UTSW, not all dept. have specified step 1 as requirement, like neurology, cardiac surgery...

I think I should contact the co-ordinator..  

Mt. Sinai F-1 / B-1 / ???

A lot of Pakistani students have been confused regarding the Mt.Sinai F1/B1 issue, well i'll try to explain in detail here what it is.

1. Mount Sinai Clearly states that "if you are accepted to complete an elective at Mount Sinai, please note you must obtain an F-1 Short
Term Visa to participate in the program. Other institutions in the United States may allow you to participate
under a different visa status. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions in the Mount Sinai program. You must
obtain an F-1 visa to participate"

 So once accepted at Mt Sinai we apply for an I-20 form (which takes about 10 - 14 days) Pay the Sevis fee and fulfill all other F-1 requirements. After you get to the embassy and get to your visa officer, EVERY visa officer will REFUSE to give you an F-1 visa for Mt.Sinai. Instead, they will ask you to opt for the B1/B2 there and then without the hassle of returning to another visa application and depositing the fee all over again. The smart thing to do here would be to thank them and take the B1/B2 option and walk out of there a happy person.

 Then after you get your passport back you will have to contact Ms. Kyoko Tirado at Mt.Sinai and tell her that you were not issued a F-1 and instead got the B1/B2 and she'll tell you that its okay to come on a B1/B2 since they know that the America embassy in Islamabad does NOT issue F-1 for the purpose of medical electives.

 Why this is so ? I'm not really sure maybe its because we are not getting any academic credit for the electives thus they offer us a B1/B2 but look on the bright side, its probably going to be a 5 years visa so i guess it all works out for the best!

another thing, now the

another thing, now the embassy in Islamabad is not issuing the F-1 to anyone going for medical electives so confirm with your coordinators if you are going to a place that only accepts F-1. As far as mount sinai is concerned, they don't care whether its the B 1/2  or the F-1 visa for PAKISTANI students.

nice info Sabeeh, good work

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nice info Sabeeh, good work !!!!


Thank you Usman :) If anyone

Thank you Usman :) If anyone has any other questions regarding this issue i'd be happy to answer them.

Money Order for Case Western

Hello friends!

Thank you for the good work! I am a medical undergraduate from India. I am applying for the CaseWRU. I need to pay the application fees by money order. Is there a way to send a money order from India to US? If anyone has any small information regarding the same, I would be grateful if you could share it.

Yes you can send the fees

Yes you can send the fees from India by bank DD.

You can go for SBI but you need to have a bank account in SBI.

You can also try HDFC which doesn't need account, or Axis bank... All of them generally charge about 200-600 Rs. per DD. just go to the main branch of that bank in your city and ask them for DD in US dollars, you need to fill up some forms.. it's one day procedure..  

well done Ved for your

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well done Ved for your reply........thnx.


Thank you Ved05! I am aware

Thank you Ved05! I am aware of the procedure of making a dd. The institue specifically asks for Money Order which is different from a demand draft.

I have searched a lot on the internet, called up western union money transfer, inquired with indian post as well US postal service. But i could not find any information about a Money Order. 

Thanks for your kind reply!

usman bhai   umar bhai has

usman bhai   umar bhai has previously said we can apply just with a trancript having upto 3rd year,,,...bhai i have passed final year but been waiting for my certificate to come, our college it will take a minimum of 3 months to get the certificate,,,,,,,but i want to apply as early as possible,,,,pls help me.......  ......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pls read the following post..................

 question : Sir, i shall receive my final yr results in feb end. So u suggest that i should wait for my results or get my transcript ending with my 7th sem marks?

 Answer by Umar bhai :  Either way, its fine!

Yes, either way is fine,but

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Yes, either way is fine,but considering the competition for electives now a days, i would say, apply with whatever the latest transcript that you have right now because if you have done your clerkships previously,they dont care what your 7th sem marks look like........remember,applications are processed by coordinators(mostly by coordinator's assistant) and they just follow the basic requirements like your school's name,clerkships done etc. ,they dont delve into complexity ......So,if you ask me,i would say apply early with that transcript and even if some clerkship is missing at that time or still going on, write on transcript that you would ve done it by the time of electives !!!!  hope it helps....


thank u usman bhai for

thank u usman bhai for replying

usman bhai most of the

usman bhai most of the universities mentioned in their sites that u should complete all the core clerkships before u start they mean we have to submit all the transcripts including final year? i m currently in final year and want to apply for electives now.....i have not taken the final exam yet and dont have the transcript of final year.....pls enlighten me in this issue......

I have figured over the years

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I have figured over the years that "All core clerkships" means basic core clerkships like int. med,surg,psych,ob/gyn,peds & neurology and it doesn't imply on the clerkships that your school require to graduate coz in later scenario,you are already a grad.........In my med school,we ve one transcript with all the up-to-date details of grades,classes attended etc. alongwith things to come. Plus,i have seen many 4th year med students from pakistan attending electives here and certainly they have fulfilled all the requirements of core clerks for their graduation but only the above mentioned basic ones that we do in 3rd and 4th, if i were you,i would ve applied with whatever the latest i had and wait for the best !!!!!


Yes you need the final year

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Yes you need the final year transcript as well as the transcripts of your previous years. Whatever rotations you were on in your previous years must have had the core clerkships attended.

Mt. Sinai application


In the application form of Mt. Sinai what should we write in

 I am currently a ............year student in a ........ year program

As we have 4 and half years course plus 1 year internship before graduation in India so should I write 5.5 or 4.5 years?

Thanks. will appreciate the help.

i thought, in india,they have

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i thought, in india,they have 6 years overall and 1 year of internship is included in grad program......i think,make it simple and round them off....make it like 5 th yr student in 6 yr program........They don't wana count exact months and all they wana know that you would be enrolled in med school at that time......thats it, everything else, your transcript would tell them........


Thanks for the reply.. I

Thanks for the reply..

I think on safer side I will write Final yr student in 6yr program..

you are welcome.........

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you are welcome.........


i thought, in india,they have

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i thought, in india,they have 6 years overall and 1 year of internship is included in grad program......i think,make it simple and round them off....make it like 5 th yr student in 6 yr program........They don't wana count exact months and all they wana know that you would be enrolled in med school at that time......thats it, everything else, your transcript would tell them........


I agree with Usman on this

I agree with Usman on this one :)

hello bhai  i really need

hello bhai 

i really need some help regarding electives and observeship/ paid externship i m currently doing internship frm india havent given step 1 as well as toefl yet but m plannin to give toefl end of this month if i start my applyin procedure by august do i stand a chance of getting electives in a mnth of jan , feb or march as i m really busy with my internship i hardly get time for step 1 preparation so giving toefl for me will be time consuming so i was wondering which is better doing electives now or doing observeship/ paid externship latter plz help me

Don't get into any

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Don't get into any complications; just give your TOEFL and as soon as you get the result, start sending the applications immediately. After your TOEFL exam, have your documents such as immunizations, titres, transcripts etc prepared so that you can send in the applications when your result is announced online.

Just do electives if you are confused. It's not worth worrying so much about electives or observerships debate.

thank you so much for ur

thank you so much for ur advice i really appreciate it

Mt. Sinai

Hey thank you for replying for my previous msg.

How can we send the TOEFL score to Mt. Sinai ? directly by ETS or we can attach a copy of score report with our application..?

Will appreciate your help..

You can send a copy of your

You can send a copy of your score report along with your application! You can even print out the online copy of it and send that along (which is what me and my friends did). They just need some sort of proof that you have attained the minimum score! DON'T send them a copy through ETS as Jeanneth Persaud (their coordinator) clearly told me on the phone not to send it through ETS! 

thank you guys for replying

usman1's picture

thank you guys for replying in my absence......really appreciate that !!!


Ask the coordinator. Usually

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Ask the coordinator. Usually they do accept photocopies of your original scorecard. Some like NWU need you to directly send them through ETS.


hey bro,i am a final year student from india.Just  got my toefl scores(23,23,23,25) total 94,which is too low,can u tell me where can i apply for electives.I have very few options, rather 1 or 2 universities,should i give toefl again????...pls help...pls

Places you can go for

Cornell, Mt.Sinai and Thomas Jefferson would be good choices in my opinion! My friend had a similar score and got into Mount Sinai for Cardio! Best of luck

Yes you can try giving the

ayaz's picture

Yes you can try giving the exam again but not all universities have stringent requirements for the TOEFL score. They may require TOEFL but may not care too much about the score, with obvious exceptions in NIH, Northwestern etc.

Try asking the respective coordinators from the universities at which you intend to apply.

What about Hopkins?

What about Hopkins?

NYU & Yale


thank you everyone on this site for providing the guidance to many aspirants like me...

I sent the request form for applying for electives at NYU n my courier reached very first day...

I was wondering when should I expect the reply from them?

also, I have sent the application to Yale n it reached 20 days back, I want to contact the elective coordinator to confirm the receipt... but the phone no. provided on the site is always on answering machine... I also emailed them regarding this but I didn't get any reply... what should I do.. how should I contact them?

Will appreciate any help..thank you  


 can you please tell me how to get elective information about NYU...theres nothing on the site


Nyu normally responds in the

usman1's picture

Nyu normally responds in the end of next month when you send them application by letter of rejection/acceptance alongwith origional application,so no need to ask them about your application as yet. Yale,usually have much better coordinators compared to other places but its still early to ask them and e-mail is best way to get around them. Best of luck........


hello. Well NYU usually

hello. Well NYU usually replies by the end of june maybe as they have to schedule thier own students till then! good luck

pls help ..

hi i am an img from india... now i am in my final year going to take med surgery gynec exams ... after that i have one more year of internship(house surgency) am i eligible to apply.. they say u should be in 6 th year of of a 6 year programme... pls help...

2. should we type the application for electives or write it by hand..... 

3.they have asked for my rank in the class(to be filled  by our dean ) in our school there is no system of ranking

4. someof them asks about taking menigococal vaccine if staying in campus... is it better to stay outside?

pls help.. and sorry for so much bulk of questions... AND GREAT JOB GUYS ....ITS THE WORLDS BEST USMLE PREP WEBSITE

Yes,you are eligible to apply

usman1's picture

Yes,you are eligible to apply to most programs but some programs would also mention that internship year students don't count, you better confirm their policy with them before applying. I prefered to type the application coz you have to type the name,its upon ur discretion.

        You have to send mennigococcal vaccination if you are gona live in their residence but they tend to be little expansive but then you don't have to worry about the security,transport and maintaince.So,you decide what you gona do.

           And thanx for the appreciation,we are just trying our bit. 


pls help late for clerkship....

can some one suggest how much important is clerkship as far as getting residency is concerned.... like it increases the chance by 20%...etc.
also is it enough to stat the immunisation procedure especially varicella which needs min 4 wk interval... i am now in my final year...does final year means i hav to be doing house surgency(internship) .. i am now in my 9th sem.....

also pls advice about the universal precaution course mentioned in some programes which is also a requirement

also we didnt hav separate nuerology posting which was asked in some clerkships

sorry for the large load of questions ... its coz i am really late now have nt begun the processing of application ...pls help

The only realistic

ayaz's picture

The only realistic significance of clinical electives is the network of contacts you develop. There's no other importance in terms of actual US clinical experience. These are the words of a residency programme director.

It's upto you how you can manage this contacts network. This can range from landing you a direct spot in residency, to even making it unfavourable for you!

we can't denote any number to

usman1's picture

we can't denote any number to the importance to clerkships as in every case it can differ but it is becoming important factor in residency now-a-days. If you have undergo varicella vaccination,then you can mention it instead of titers.....if that what u mean.

       universal precaution requirement varies from institution to institution,some require before some require after acceptance....its a simple test that u can take online. If you ve covered neurology in internal medicine,mention IM dates.......good luck!!



hey bro can we use the LOR we received from prior US rotation instead of evaluation report ,since i didn't receive from one from my prior elective, for applying to wisconsin ..


I think yes,you can use LOR

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I think yes,you can use LOR from prior US experience....I think,all they want is some sort of previous US  reference. Moreover,you can confirm from them as well to inquire about their current policy.


hey hi ..i applied to weill

hey hi ..i applied to weill cornell for the months of oct,nov,dec 2011...i applied in feb and one of my friends have applied in start of april and he has received a email for a telephonic interview from the coordinator ...but i didn' i was wondering by which criteria they choose whom to call toefl score is a bit lower than him ...but my overall resume is much better than him

and what should i do about it now..should i call them about this..because they have not replied to any of my emails..




Probably, wait little more

usman1's picture

Probably, wait little more and they will tell you about your application....If still no reply ,you can call them in may.  Best of luck !


HI i wanna inform everybody

HI i wanna inform everybody Cleveland offers only observerships no clerkships. i confirmed it via an email.

Cleveland Clinic Ohio offers

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Cleveland Clinic Ohio offers clinical electives only for international students who have done their USMLE Step 1 examination. Cleveland Clinic Florida would require your medical school to contact the Florida state government for registration. Refer to their website.

they offer both observership

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they offer both observership and electives to students....


@ekta.... are you sure about

@ekta.... are you sure about it? bcoz there is nothing written in the website..Which branch did u mail (cleveland/florida)

hello sir  m an intern in

hello sir

 m an intern in expected date of completion of internship is 31 dec 2010..but i will take extension fr few months to extend my internship. i am applying fr clerkship at mount sinai in the month of jan feb march 2011...and the transcripts which i have got made have  my expected date of completion of graduation as 31 dec 2010...wht should i do?

do u reply to the queries at ur website only or do u also mail all the answers askd by anyone?

i think if you have taken

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i think if you have taken extension already then you should ask your student clerks to correct the date of graduation as soon as possible. Also its april already,how can you apply for jan feb 2011 !!!!!! anyway, i post replies to the queries on this website only !!!!!  best of luck.


it should be 31 dec 2011 and

it should be 31 dec 2011 and for feb march year should be 2012



as given info on the website of tufts

Enrollment opportunities for International Medical Students are very limited and granted on a space available basis to highly qualified students from schools where we have an existing relationship

does that mean only specific colleges can apply there?

also does it require step 1?

yes... check the website....

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yes... check the website....

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

 Yes and ,i think, tufts has

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 Yes and ,i think, tufts has made step1 mandatory !!!!!  please confirm the latest with their coordinator .... best of luck.


yes it means only schools tht

yes it means only schools tht have an affiliation with TUFTS can only apply..dun think it requires step one! still confirm

Louisiana, Shreveport


I wanted to add some info to the forums.

Regarding an elective at Louisiana State University,Shreveport.

Students who are accepted there, the elective coordinator gives the Invitation Letter on the application form which we have filled earlier, and students(who are unaware of what an invitation letter looks like) take that letter to the consulate for the interview, where they dont find it convincing and may deny the visa.

So ask Sandra Ward the invitation letter on a letter head and ask her to courier it, else get it couriered from one of your friends who are doing an elective out there.

Guess this will of some help,


Did u do electives there ?

Did u do electives there ? can u provide me ur email please i want to ask you some stuff, thanks!

LSU shreveport

did u get accepted at LSU shreveport ? im probably applying for that, can u leave ur email please i wanna ask you about some stuff ,would be of great help, thanks alot.

have you gone to shreveport?

has anyone gone to louisiana university shreveport before for electives???
how was the elective experience overall

thanx for the up dates,it

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thanx for the up dates,it would definetly help those who are applying for shreveport,LA....appreciate that !!!!!!!!!! Also,if you have any other details about that ,please share with us.


About clerkship

Pls all, someone new to this website.I have given my toefl amd got a score of 105 with apeaking 26(r-29,w-25,l-25). I have sorted out a list of universities but im not able to make out how to apply..wat does vsas mean..wat does lcme mean. what am I supposed to do to know whether I can apply fot the clerkships for specific universities or not...Pls help me as people are warning mw that im gettin lat, as my internship ends in September,2011

Ok, first, don't freak out.

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Ok, first, don't freak out. Second, just make list of the uni's that take students without step1(i m assuming u haven't taken that) and then apply in most of the uni's as your time is close,so you would definetly wana make sure you get into any program......that's it, LCME in simple words means american,peurto rican or canadian students and vsas is the system through lcme-accredited students get their rotations,its not for IMG's....just go over this list again,mark the suitable ones and note down their requirements and send them your documents asap......then hope for the best !!!!


i want to apply for the

i want to apply for the nyu..and it asks



MEDICINE:_______________________     SURGERY:______________________         OB/GYN:_________________________

PEDIATRICS:_____________________     PSYCHIATRY:  ___________________                 NEUROLOGY:  ____________________

what dates are we supposed to write

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