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My 10 years Multiple Entry B1/B2 Visa Experience for Electives

by Biren Chauhan

In the JOY of others lies JOY of ours

When it comes to do for others we always lag behind at sometimes, though we know that we are here because of the help and guidance of others. Truly speaking I could have never achieved the things that are with me today. Believe me it was the sure and 100% efforts from the former colleagues and friends that I found here on this site and forums. So this is not the story of me but it’s the success of those who have helped me directly as well as indirectly.

To start with, I would like to tell you that nothing is impossible. Only you, yourself is the maker of your own happiness. 

About my elective and visa pathway:-

I got to know about this all somewhere around my starting days of I’ship. Then I found the and connected with the members. Some people were getting electives so that inspired me a lot and posts form others inspired me a lot. And I took the steps further.

Then applied in 3 places Albany, cornell and NW. around first week of july.

1st reply came from Albany and I got in there. Good news to begin with.

Then again got other 1 form Albany

NW got rejected…a kinda of warm rejection…I thought it is the experience to bear the rejection in future form the various resi programs form pedia…

Got in from cornell….after seeing rejection form NW of which I was sure enough to get in because of the good intake in last year, I applied lately in jeff too…its pending as of today for feb for radio.

my 1st   elective rotation is on nov 22nd  and truly speaking I applied for VISA too late….NEVER APLY FOR VISA LATE……>>>>>>>>do not be a fool like me….I’m considering myself fool for this….I’m telling the truth in context to Mumbai consulate….its unpredictable…..i witnessed one VI went for more than 40 mins….so schedule your IV well in advance of 2-3 mths of ur starting date.

Now about visa things…..

I first paid the visa fees…HDFC bank authorized by VFS …u can find it on their website…

Then I gathered the details of DS-160 from my friends of engineering stream who had travelled in USA (on-site) on behalf of their company. The info they provided to me was awesome….IV tips form the MNC’s are spot on. Try to get the .ppt files of DS-160 guidance form google.

Then filled my DS-160 on 1st October completely and got the barcode number. Try to have a printer at that time attached because I didn’t have the printer and so I tried to use the Email facility of VFS but it failed to work…yeap…I didn’t get any email form VFS in my mail was shocking…I called t the vfs help line and got my mail after 2days.

Also double check the DS-160 barcode number while making your appointment as one of my friend typed wrong one and still get the appointment. So later on while you submit your application creates a big problem.

Then after generating CEAC barcode I checked the dates and select the 15th oct. believe me these days MUMBAI rules and ruins in VISA, especially for the electives purpose. So consider the earliest date available.

Then I made and appointment for 15th October and went to submit the required documents at ahmedabad VFS.

Documents needed to submit at VFS in advance:-

1> HDFC receipt green one…hold safely the pink receipt and take it with you for VI

2> DS-160 CEAC page…laser print needed that can be read electronically

3> Your recent photograph 2*2 inch format

4> Appointments latter’s print out

• No need to submit the electives acceptance letters at VFS, carry them along with u on the day of IV.

Documents short listing:-

Arranged in my VISA file folder like this:-

1>passport, appointment letter, pink receipt and DS-160 CEAC

Take the full Xerox of your passport and in case you have old passport carry it also.

2>electives acceptance letters:- 

from Albany and cornell and letter to embassy form Albany

3> college documents:- 

NOC stating I need to come back to complete and get my degree, transcript copies that I submitted in various colleges. Marksheets, character certi, bonafied certi, college admission letter, other certi issued by college, LOR from dean and other faculty members

5> B1/B2 law and email/screenshots:- 

swapnil’s guidance really works…took the B1/b2 laws prints and marked page 17, also carried the screenshots of cornell stating the need of b1/B2 for electives, also carried the hosuing and other required print outs of email exchange done with the various elective coordinator.

5>finance documents:-

Letter signed by my parents. I got the sample form immihelp,

Affidavit of my parents stating the same on 20 Rs/- stamp, notarized one,

Bank statement of last six months,

Signed and sealed by CA-documents of movable + immovable property

Passbook of bank account


Birth certi,

10th and 12th marksheets

Other certificates supporting my social background

Pictures:- with my family, frnds and relatives back in USA.

College I-card,

Driving license,

Voters ID card


Reached at dadar(EAST) and stayed at swaminarayan temple. Reached well 24 hours in advance.

Rested like hell there and just relaxed myself with good walk.

Went to VISA office after 4 pm to get the idea about traffic and route.

Slept at 11 pm and got up at 5 am. Shaving done and had cool bath…

Left the temple at 7:41 and reached at stars n strips lounge at 8:01..i was told that in the morning it takes 20 minutes to reach VFS from dadar east and I was surprised by the judgment of mumbai ppl.:)

Dressing…I had black casual blazer to look like a medical student…and I guess it was good one…

Then at lounge entered at 9 am inside as the day was running 1hour late at VFS. Indian effect….

Had coffee there and watched masti one channel at stars and strips longue  for almost 1 nd half hour…it was pathetic…then we were transferred at consulate at 10:30 am and I entered in consulate and went through security check…

Given wodden stick first after security check..that stick moniters your track inside has cheap inside it to track us…so donot forget to submit it back.

Then allocated the token number.keep it in mind u are called for interview at so-so window by this token number.

Then went through finger printing at counter no 2..there are total two counters at Mumbai VFS.

Then set down in the waiting chairs and kept eye and ears on the announcement…listen it carefully as we can miss the announcement in some noise ad chit-chat.

Then called for IV by token number and went to the assigned window. Total 4-5 candidates were announced at the same window and by chance I was the first one to reach there and caught in the eyes of VO

Adult American male around 30 years of age was there in front of me. I just made eye contact and he smiled back and invited me for encounter. While walking and opening the window door, I kept saying to myself to be confident and be positive and I can do it….just controlled myself and entered into the BOX…

Me: good morning are you doing?

VO: very good morning..doing good good how about you?

Me: I’m doing just great sir. 

VO: so whats the purpose of your visit?

Me: I have been selected for my medical electives by these med college for this much duration. I have the acceptance letters if you want to have a look at them.

VO: No..No…I trust you completely gentleman.

ME: its my pleasure sir.

VO: okies…so what does it mean?he asked and looked in his PC to find something I guess. He had my ds-160 on other hand.

Me: it is a clinical elective program designated to provide the short term clinical training in various departments under direct supervision and guidance of attending faculty physicians, meant for medical student only.

VO: Ok OK..Excellent…is it the same as  “clerkship elective”?

ME: yeas sir, it is the same as described under the law in US affairs of foreign manual rule 9 and so and so…I have print out of that if you want to have a look.

VO: its Ok

VO: whos gonna sponsor you.

ME: my family including my parents and elder brother.

VO: what do they do?

ME: my dad is working for govt of Gujarat since 1989 as a ____ in _____department and earning this much… mom is house wife and my elder brother is working for this IT company since ____ and earning this much…

VO: good its indeed good.

VO: ok you have any one in USA?

ME: I felt …ghossshhh….god help me……..i said sir no immediate relatives in USA but my dad’s younger brother is in USA.

VO: what does he do? Then he suddenly added is he having green card….??

ME: I was told by my uncle to answer this Q like this. So I said…sir…as par my best knowledge I m sure that he has Green Card but since how long that I donot know because…….pause and added….as I medical student I am quite busy and hardly get any vacation like others..and my uncle back In USA is busy at the same time…

Also there is time zone difference so we hardly get time to talk on phone for long and so we talk hardly once or twice in 2-3 months…so I donot know about the exact time about his green card…

VO: I can understand this..and what does he do there?

ME: sir he is having his own company in the partnership with some americal IT businessman and he is the CEO of this one…

VO: impressive (I was feeling like when these bombarding about my US tie will end…….? Because ihad no more answers with me….and he was suspecting that I will not come back due to the strong tie there in USA…so he was thinking to check my strong tie back in INDIA>…and I knew it well in advance…so I kept in mind to tell abt my graduation issue and degree things…to assure him….its trick by which you can guess the next Q of visa officer….)

VO:bingo…..he asked me tell me the BEST case you have attended till today…

Me:yess….i knew he will ask something to check my tie in india…

I said….sir ….as a medical student in INDIA my college is with 6000 in patient bad capacity run by the govt of Gujarat and one of the best in INDIA…few months back I was posted in emergency dept and I had my night duty…suddently one poor female was there in our unit..with the accidental injury around right shoulder…injury was by diamond cutting saw in diamond factory at surat which is 4 hour far form my hospital…but as a premier institute the relatives brought her in the mid night after 4 hour transportation and due to time loss we had lost many vital things…her hand was turned into balckinsh colour suggesting of necrosis and infection and lack of blood supply…

While I was describing with such interest that he bent forward and calmly heard my story….i said I gave her some IV saline and pints and some painkiller injections and scrubbed the local site also I had notified the orthopedic department and others along with blood bank official…it was great and unique experience for me…

VO: ohhhh…then what happened to her later on…

ME: o teri….he was involved more then was good sign I guess….the I told him the whole scenario and added ki if latest trends and technology hoti to wo patient ko micro-vascular surgery se bacha lete…hahah…and I hope I wil get such experience form my upcoming electives…

VO: true gentleman…ok…I approve your visa but make sure that you come back after your electives and have a bright career and best of luck…you passport will be at your end by 3-5 working days…

ME:definitely I will have to come back for my further education here in  INDIA….

And I was happy like never before….i thanked him and came out of the BOX with smile on my face….

And I was not sure what will be visa stamp like…in the end all went right for me and got 10 year multiple entry B1/B2 VISA….

So tips….to overcome the IV…

be confident and true everywhere….use some trick to answer the Qs…expect the next Q based on your answer to the previous one….they are asking Qs  based on ur answer only…I guess they have full access to the rules as he asked me abt the  is it “clerkship elective”?its d same wrd used in US affairs of foreign answer him/her accordingly…and make them clear about everything….donot confuse them with the answers…

also, I guess they had full info about my uncle in no way to lie to them…I guess they can have detailed info form my addresss and family tree….

So be confident and be smart….and be honest…..nd always pary to god for successful day….and look into the eyes of the VO and answer them….they are to help us…


B1/B2 law for electives…

look at page 17… now name is changed to but still I google it by the name of umarbhai…its gives me some happiness and inner look to help others….he rules for starting to the end….thanks a ton to umarbhai….the main reason behind our success….


the normal Q&A for B1-B2 are same as described by aditya in the post…use them exclusively..

my sincere thanks to the seniors who have helped me at each and every moment till now…

thanks to naeem sir…umarbhai…swapnil…viraat harsh….rahul…medisid….akshay…vaibhav….aditya….ankit….harsh….ankita….nimisha….aditi….ekal…..and my college seniours and all others….

Without god’s kind blessings I’m nothing…and praying to the lord to keep his blessing on us all and I hope we all can live up to the  lord’s wish…

Thank the god no matter we are through the happiness or sorrowness….

Wish you all the best….

United we stand, rise and succeed….help others to help ourselves… 




Dear Biren , Thanks you

Dear Biren ,

Thanks you brother for such a wonderful guidance, It would be of great help if you could the link of immihelp about the parents affidavit supporting us for the trip .

Dr_Andy if you have found the same , It would be really kind of you to post it as my visa date is near .

Sir I have been accepted in northwestern , my acceptance letter is by email , will a print out of this and a print out of the site stating it requires B1 visa do . Or should i ask for any more documents as i have not done any email conversations with the college .

Thank you

Thanks Vistasp,congrates for

Thanks Vistasp,

congrates for the NW acceptance...

No need for more specific documents if ur acceptance letter states need of B1 visa. just u need the print out of the B1-B2 visa requirment from the foreign affairs manual..

If i cant able to reply anyone are requested to email me on after 2 days of your post.




Thank you very much buddy!!! i'll mail u in case of further help!

al d best!



thanks Dr.Andy... Link is

thanks Dr.Andy...

Link is here..

its a sample letter froom US based son inviting father...

we have to modified according to out needs...

i had modified it a bit..

in main content paragraph, it was breif discription of my dad's jon and salary and all..

2nd paragraph was abt the statement to bear all the financial responsibilities and all...

and we have to affidavite this letter as this letter only can't be granted by all just take the same statement on 20 Rs/- stamp...and get ti notarized.

if u hv doubts mail me at

i wil try to provide you the samples.

@ biren...

splendid article mate!! hope it will help me big tym in during my visa interview!!... Thanks for putting it up.. btw, i shall be grateful if u cud provide me the link on immihelp from where u got the sample of parent's affidavit that u prepared..

all d best for electives..



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