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B1/B2 Ten Year Multiple Entry Visa!

by Aditya Lakhotia

“Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."

I got my B1/B2 visa with ten year multiple entries. I would like to thank umar sir for sharing such valuable information and creating awareness, man believe me you are doing fabulous job and may God bless you! This website was huge help for me to start off for elective and visa both.

I always thought people are selfish when it comes to educational research and sharing information but just when I log on to this website I got to know there are people who are interested in helping and sharing info, all thanks to umar bhai and other contributors. Wish that all contributors to this website get to the best possible heights in there life!

Also, I would like to thank medsid, viraat, rahul, swapnil and many others, as there post for visa guidance was damm helpful for making through my interview.

Hereby I have tried to compile my experience with experience of other people too on this website. You may find that the information and question I have mention are already there.

With due respect to all the threads on this website, I have just blended all the possible questions and information by other people with my experience, intention was just to provide as much possible information as I can, and to make it this procedure hassle free. I sincerely apologize for doing so.

Some of the important web links;

For guidance;



· ( very good website for any kind of visa)


For visa appointment;


* Other links are provided where ever needed.

Well to start of with what all you need; 1st check with the medical school from where you have been accepted which visa they require you to come. Some schools ask for Student visa i.e. F1 others for Business visa “Trainee Category” i.e.B1/B2 (please see; its not visitor visa B1/B2 while filling your appointment to consulate form.) I needed Business visa (B1/B2) so here is my experience for all those who require the same.

Things which are required for taking appointment for the interview;

· Passport (obviously)

· Photo

· CEAC code ( Generated after filling the DS 160 Form)

· HDFC Bar code ( After payment of some 140$ at authorized HDFC bank you get this receipt having barcode)

Photo; Photo for US visa is very specific. Just go to some good studio in town and ask them for the photo for US visa most of them know what all are the requirement in case. they don’t just log in to vfs site and check for the photo specification.

Just carry your pen drive with you when you are going to take your photo from the studio. Also test your pic if the studio is having internet facility, on the following link.

Ask them to mail you or take the pic in pen drive with hard copy too.

CEAC CODE; Start with DS 160 form

It will help you to generate CEAC code.

DS 160 is just the form which inquire information about you, your family, and who all you know in US and where you going to stay and for what time period. Just fill this form with accuracy, and save it after every five min as the information get deleted soon. As you save it you can again upload the form and continuing filling the form where you left. For guidance on filling the form please click on the following link;

Some question in DS 160 form where I got stucked;

Q. Whom to contact in US?

Ans. Just write the name of elective coordinator and there phone no.

Q. Where you are going to stay?

Ans. If you have some booking give there address, if you don’t have booking write the

address of hostel facility provided by medical school check on there site, if they don’t

provide the one, ask your coordinator for housing list off campus and on campus, and

contact them if they can provide you with confirmation else just write the address from

the housing list.

P.S.; If you had make any mistake in DS 160 form before confirming, you can always

edit it, but once you have confirm it and you find that you have added some wrong

information then don’t use that CEAC code to take appointment date, just start new

application, fill that and generate new CEAC code.

HDFC BANK FEES and BARCODE; You have to pay your visa fees at specific HDFC


Click on the link to know your nearby authorized HDFC bank;

They charge 140 $. (P.S.; It changes from time to time confirm from the VFS site).

For this you have to submit copy of your passport.

They will provide you with two receipts; Embassy copy and other applicant copy. (Make

sure you don’t misplace any of them.)

It is having barcode on it, use this while taking appointment.

To take the appointment, confirm under which consulate your state come from this link;

For taking interview date go to visa appointment on

Interview date are not easily available for Mumbai consulate, I got to know from one of

my senior to check for the date in morning hours i.e. around 7;30 am to 9;30 am.

Please note while taking appointment have these in your hand;

· Passport no.

· HDFC barcode

· CEAC code

· Date of birth [;)]

· E- mail id

Once you get confirmation for your date take the print out of your appointment letter and

save it on your desktop.

As well you will get guidance for interview and check list document. Take a print out of


Preparation for Interview;


· Elective approval letter.

· CEAC confirmation (print out).

· DS 160 form (print out).

· HDFC applicant copy.

· Passport copy.

· Bona fide letter from your college.

· NOC from your dean.

· Dean LOR.

· Transcripts.

· Marks sheets. ( 10th , 12th ,MBBS)

· TOEFL score card.

· Provisional registration from your state medical council.

· Print out of elective catalogs.

· Printout elective application.

· Malpractice certificate.

· Health insurance ( if you have the one)

· Immunization certificate.

· Lab reports.

· Driving license.

· College id card.

· Printout of Housing or apartment confirmation.

· US Foreign affair manual volume 9 for visa (page 17) (print out) its states

that why we need to do clinical elective on B1( Business visa “trainee

category”), please see it is very important document for interview in Mumbai, as

I know people who have been rejected just because visa officer thinks for

elective you need to go on student visa, even when letter from college states

that you need to be on B1 visa.

Link to US foreign affair manual volume 9;

Possibly take printout of all the things regarding elective whatever comes in your mind,

you never know which document will be helpful at that moment.


· Letter from sponsor for your trip. (you can get it notarized it on 100Rs. Stamp

paper in India, if your sponsor is from US then he has to fill the I- 134 form)

Link to Sample I-134 form;


To download I- 134 form;


P.S.; I- 134 forms is only for those who are having sponsor from US.

Please attach a copy of passport of your sponsor duly signed with the

Sponsor letter.

· Self employment letter or job letter.

· Undertaking that I will return back.

· 3yrs Income tax documents of your sponsor.

· 6 months bank statements of your sponsor.

· Statement of affairs; This is just the document which show how much property

and money and holding you are having in your home town, it just act as

supporting document for your strong ties in your home country.

· Visiting card of your sponsor.

· Copy of passport duly signed by the sponsor.

· Family tree. (if possible, make it and take a printout of that.)

· Photographs; no doubt people will say its too much, but you will not believe that

guy in front of me at time of interview showed his photo with his sponsor, you

never know what things may help you out there.)

As people here have already stated the required list, I think I have just added few more.

These are all document which I was carrying if you can list out more do so!

Above mentioned are not mandatory documents, as for interview my visa officer didn’t

even bother to check my approval letter, (I think I am pretty much lucky), I ask him twice

would you like to see my letter, he said no its fine, I don’t understand what are the criteria

for making the judgment.

Possible Interview Question;

Well some of the question and answer remain the same, as mentioned by the people who

already have shared there experience on this web.

I will just try to write all possible Questions?

Visa Interview Questions

Q. Why do you want to go USA?

Ans. I am going to USA to do my clinical Elective at XXX medical school for the month


Q. What are electives?(Very important question, as you visa officer most of time is

not aware of what elective is, I got this definition from a document of yale university

it helped me, hope it help you too,)

Ans. It’s a short period of Training as a practical experience and instruction, in various

medical disciplines under supervision and direction of faculty physicians, only for

medical students.

Q. Why USA?

Ans. USA has one of the best medical schools and I want to be exposed to latest trends

and technology.

Q. Why not India?

Ans. As I said I want to go for the best.

Q. What would be your job like?

Ans. My job will be like that of a final year American Medical Student. I will be

attending rounds, presenting cases, attending the outpatient department.

Q. What difference b/w Observer ship and elective?

Q. Where else you have applied?

Q. How do you got to know about these colleges?

Ans. Well, I got to know about these from my seniors and then I search on the net and got

to know more about these from there college websites then applied there and luckily I got


Q. Why you were selected?

Ans. I applied early, they have this first come first basis and luckily I got the acceptance.

Q. What will be your credit? ( I got know from my friend who appeared for interview

so I too got prepared for it)

Ans. Well in terms financial there would be no gain, In terms of knowledge it will help

me a lot and would expose me to latest trends and technologies in medical field that

would help me a lot in building a strong career.

As well I will get an evaluation form and LOR which will be helpful to me in future jobs

or fellowships.

Q.) Will these credits help you in graduation?

Ans. No

Q. What will be your credit hours?

Ans. These programs are based on the student participation, so it totally depends on

students, the more they participate the more they learn.

(This is what I got for Albany medical college, check with your school what credit hours

they are providing, it differ from school to school.)

Q. Why on B1 visa?

Ans. As both of my college requires me to come on that, I have written documents

supporting the same.

Q. You have applied for the wrong visa. You should go for student visa?

Ans. I am having letter to consulate from both the medical colleges and they state you

have to B1 trainee category. As well US Foreign affairs manual also state that you need

to be on B1 visa. Do you wish to see the letters?

Q. What are you doing at present?

Ans. I am final Year medical Student at XXX medical college.

Q. You have to go in January why you have applied for the visa so soon?

Ans. Final yr. of medical schools in India is compulsory rotational training where we

have to attend the clinics regularly and as my coming posting in different department will

be quite hectic, so I thought to complete these formalities with in this month.

Q. Your medical school permits you to go for electives?

Ans. Yes I am having the document signed by my dean, do you want to have a look at it.


Q. Where will you be staying?

Ans. For the month of………………., as I have booked it……..

Having Medical School Housing list too, If I get the confirmation from off campus

housing list, then I will be staying at one these.

For the month of…………. I will be staying at……………..

Q. Why You have not contacted them till now?

Ans. I contacted them, they told me its too early to book confirmation for month of…….,

so they have asked me to call them back in month of ……….. for booking.

Q. Have you booked your tickets?

Ans. Not yet, will do it as soon as I get my visa.

Q. Which flights are you considering?

Q. Have you planned to take USMLE?

Q. Do you have medical Insurance?


Q. Who is sponsoring you?

Q. What does he do?

Q. What is his specialty? (In case doctor)

Q. What your mom do?

Q. What will be your expenses like?


Q. How can you assure me that you will come back?

Ans. I am still in the final year of my graduation. I will be completing my graduation

after I will come back. Would you like to see my Dean’s NOC which states the same.

Moreover my Uncle wants me to join in his institution and take it to another level in


Q. Do you know any one else in USA?

Ans. No.


Q. What do you know about…………….Medical College?

Q. Who is your course instructor at Albany Medical College?


Q. Where are you planning to do your Post graduation?

Ans. I will definitely do it from India but after taking clinical experience for few years

and yeah In future I would like to take higher specialized training from US.

Q. Who all are there in your Family?

Q. Who else in family?

Please add on if you can.!

My visa Interview;

I got appointment for 23 sept 2010 at 9 am.

In Mumbai consulates you have to deposit following document at least 3 working days

before your scheduled appointment in personal or by your relative but not by courier.

· Interview appointment letter.

· CEAC confirmation letter.

· HDFC barcode receipt (Embassy copy).

· Passport (copy both 1st and last pages.)

· If there are any observation or remarks on passport (copy of that too)

· One Photo.

Check this link for various consulates;

Always check the public holidays for your embassy;

Dressing; Try and look more like a professional. Wear formals with tie or Suit.

If you are having interview at Mumbai consulate, make sure you leave 2- 2 1/2hrs before

your appointment time for consulate from wherever you are staying. Never try to test

your luck for traffic in Mumbai.

I took cab for VFS office as I was having the coupon worth Rs. 275 for stars and strips

lounge at VFS office.

It is always better to take that coupon as you are not allowed to stand in US embassy area

at least till 15 min before your appointment time, and taking weather conditions in

Mumbai, it always better to go with this option.

Moreover they provide you with locker to keep your valuables ( specially mobile

phones), snacks, bus service till US embassy, and its there responsibility once your are in

the lounge to make sure you are at consulate on time, So its worth taking.

My appointment time was 9 am but got delayed and it took at 10 30am, though I never

thought so that US embassy people also work like our government official [;)] when they

are in our country.

We were dropped by the bus service from VFS office to the US embassy. (just 10 min


You should carry your passport and appointment letter in your hand because these are

thing which are required at every check point.

You are only allowed to carry your documents file inside embassy.

When we entered first there was security check, they give us security checked token.

Then I was given a pink token with no. and asked to go to particular counter for

fingerprinting test.

At time of fingerprinting we have to deposit our passport and interview appointment

letter at the counter.

After fingerprinting test they asked to sit in there till my token no. was announced by

interview officer.

Now my interview;

Me; May I come in sir

VO; Yeah.

Me.; good morning sir.

VO; Very good morning, Just give me a moment…

Then he arranged some documents and called another list of candidate to stand outside

the cabin.

VO; okie… Aditya (looking into passport), Why you want to go USA

Me; Sir I have been accepted to XXX medical college for clinical elective for month of

….. do you want to see my approval letter? (he didn’t bother to answer this)

VO; what….what are elective?

Me; elective are short period of training as a clinical practice in various medical

discipline under supervision of faculty physician and its only for undergraduate medical


VO; okie so you are doctor?

Me; Not yet, sir I am final year medical student.

VO; when you are completing your graduation?

Me; I will be completing in…..

VO; Okie so which college you mentioned for elective?

Me; sir ……..medical college.

Then he typed something on his computer.

VO; what will be your credit ?

Me; In terms of financial there will be no credit, In terms of knowledge it will help me a

lot as and would expose me to latest trends and technologies in medical field that would

help me a lot in building a strong career.

As well I will get an evaluation form and LOR which will be helpful to me in future jobs.

VO; Ok. Will this credit be helpful in your graduation?

Me; no sir, this will help in taking my future fellowships.

VO; Are you married?

Me; No sir

VO; for how much time you are going to stay?

Me; 10 weeks

VO; who is sponsoring you?

Me; My father

VO; what does he do?

Me; He is chartered accountant

Then again he typed something on his computer for 2 min..

VO; ok.. your visa has been issued, you will get your passport within three working days.

Me; thanks a lot, have good day!

Freak, he didn’t saw any of my documents not even my approval letter, don’t know what

are the criteria for judgment. What I got to understand is that they are looking how

confident you are (though I was not), valid reason to visit and you will return back, that’s

it.(I think so!)

Some points to remember;

· Try to be calm (though it’s quite tough), if you don’t get what they are

trying to say, just say that I didn’t get you can you please repeat, they

understand and they will repeat it slowly.

· Never answer more than what they are asking, not a single word.

· Try to say things which makes them feel proud for there country by your answers and always try to convince that you are going to return after completion of your elective by showing that you are undergraduate medical student and you have to have come back for completion of your graduation.   

· Moreover you are smart enough ;) so All the best!

Thank you for this complete

Thank you for this complete info. It is most helpful and feel prepared once you go through the questions you ve mentioned

 I am  having american visa

 I am  having american visa B1/B2  but it is expired from last 7 years i was 4 years when i got the visa and now i am 15 and i want to re-new it will it happen will i be able to get my visa again without any problem will there be my interview and what  type of questions will be asked.Please tell me plz  reply .........

Thanks for such a detailed

Thanks for such a detailed method for preparing for visa interview

i got accepted at Brown University. I am married and my wife has a green card but is staying in INDIA for the past 5 years as she too is a medical student here. ds-160 form had a Q do u have any immediate relatives not including parents in US..i dint mention her because she has been staying in INDIA for more than 11 months in a year and also she will be here in INDIA on my interview date?? did i commit a mistake??

I am not sure... better

umar's picture

I am not sure... better consult a visa expert... if there is a documented proof of your marriage then you should not lie...

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

Dear Sir , My aunty stays in

Dear Sir ,

My aunty stays in USA , should I mention about her in my form ?

@ Vistaasp

aditya's picture

My aunty stays in USA, should I mention about her in my form?

1st of all sorry for late reply!

It totally depends on you, If she is sponsoring you then obviously you have to mention her name, and if she is not and she is not your immediate relative then in my point of view no need to mention as if you mention it, it will lead to further more questions to answer.

So it depends on you. 

Very informative guidance !!


You have summarized all the stuff related to B1/B2 visa in this guidance article. It is no less than a perfect encyclopedia for visa issues. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information with everyone.

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