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Patient Welfare

  • "Distinguished Service Award" being presented to Umar Tariq for SPWS by Dr. Arif Qureshi and Dr. Aisha Zafar on behalf of KEMCAANA on March 28 in St Louis, MO.


  •  Video Presentation of SPWS by Umar Tariq, played on KEMCAANA retreat March 28, 2009


dear umar sir, you are doing

dear umar sir,

you are doing very good job by helping others.but don't you think this creative and talented mind of country are going to usa instead of working for their motherland.

Thanks a lot for your kind

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Thanks a lot for your kind words. I believe overseas nationals contribute a lot in many ways towards the country's progress... and sometimes, more than those who are living here... I personally know many examples... I realized this fact after all these welfare activities that overseas nationals contribute more towards charity than the local ones... try collecting donations for a national cause from local doctors and then try collecting donations for the same cause from the overseas nationals... you would get the answer!

I am very busy these days and won't be replying to anymore queries. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. All the best.

Hello Dear Visitor Sorry for

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Hello Dear Visitor

Sorry for interjecting in a conversation you directed towards Umar, but I could not resist myself. The question when put by you looks very simple but the answer to is not quite simple. There are many reasons why everyone (engineers/doctors/economists/scientists/educationalist) is running to the US and the word that we are looking for is OPPORTUNITY. For a simple example in our parts of the world number of post-grad seats much less than the number of undergrad seats (In India the numbers are approx UG-36000, PG-18000) and then in India the govt. has no plans for the rest 18000 UG students who are graduating every year, neither are there enough PG seats, not enough job vacancies, so what are the 18000 grads supposed to do every year? With the kind of training we get as undergrads we are good enough only for priliminary care but we can not take that for bread and butter and of course the people deserve better patient care. Health is of utmost importance. So I dont see any harm in students from our part of the world going to US (where there are more seats in PG than in UG, so they can accommodate international students too) for a training and then returning to their countries with good training and helping their people better.

Couple of years back the Indian govt wanted to impose a compulsory 1 year rural posting after MBBS. If you would be interested I would request you to read an article written by me on the same. It might give you a new perspective to the doubts arising in your mind. This is the link:

All the best



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Very nicely analyzed Viraat, I think our part of the world produce the best talent in the world in every field of life. So, if they can't get themselves appreciated here then they have all the right to take to somewhere they feel satisfied and appreciated.......Once again,no offence to anyone! 


Thank you for your input sir,

Thank you for your input sir, I am highly obliged. One last question, Can you suggest me few good places to apply to in California. I tried speaking to UCLA and UCSF but apparently they don't accept Indian students anymore. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Ekansh Debuka

Congratulations.. :)

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Congratulations.. :)

All the best


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